WCCCA 2014 Annual Convention


Members January Meeting Agenda/Minutes


1. Call to Order - President Matt Polzin. Called to order at 3:33 PM.


2. Roll call of officers & District Repís

President Matt Polzin introduced himself as well as the officers and district reps that were present at

the meeting. This gave coaches a chance to place a face with a name.President Matt Polzin also gave us a forewarning that the agenda may go out of order.He also let us know that the meetings will have a different flavor moving forward. His hope is that the meetings will resemble more of a parliamentary procedure like format.


3. Awards - State Qualifiers & Longevity

††††††††††† President Matt Polzin handed the meeting over to the awards committee immediately following the

introductions. Earl started out the first awards to the girls state qualifiers for Division 3. Following division 3, was division 2 and then division 1. After the girls were complete, the longevity awards were handed out. Coaches hit the following milestones were recognized.10 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, 35 years, 40 years & 45 years of coaching service!


Next up were the boys division 3 state qualifiers with division 2 and division 1 following respectively. Shout out to Joe Pease - boys division 2 - for his award.


4. Topics for Discussion - Marcy Thurwachter - WIAA


A.   Summer Contact - during the course of the summer there was some confusion that came up. CC has had unlimited contact time during the summer. Please see hand out for the COMPLETE definition for unlimited versus unrestricted contact.In sum, unrestricted contact is limited to 5 days from the last day of school until July 31st. Days do not need to be consecutive but must be the same for all levels within a program. Please note that there is NO dead zone or dead time for the Cross Country season or the summer preceding the season. Unlimited contact is not school sponsored and is not limited to cross country athletes. Unlimited contact should leave the school district NOT RESPONSIBLE for unlimited contact if something should happen to an athlete. Coaches should strive to provide variety in terms of what they are doing in the off season and summer and who is invited to participate.

B.   Non School running events - includes fun runs, mud runs, charity, etc. these are not allowed during the season. If the sport is running - it is illegal. However, they CAN walk the event but they absolutely cannot run. That is a violation of WIAA rules.WIAA did go to the membership vote two years ago to see if they were up to make a change and it did not pass. Please talk to your AD if you are interested in seeing this changed. There is some new language about being able to withhold yourself from practice and not report until the first scheduled meet in order to compete in other events.

C.   New Uniform Rules - New language coming in terms of foundational garments. If you watch the video that Marcy produces every year she covers this crystal clear. (SIDENOTE - It contains a lot of great information and we need our coaches to commit to watching this prior to the season starts. She outlines all the new changes that we need to be aware of as well as covers all of the basics including fun runs and course setup).In terms of foundational under garments, if I am wearing spandex under my shorts - as long as they don't extend below my knee, I donít need to wear the same color as my teammates. The garment needs to be UNDERneath shorts and above the knee. This does not apply to upper body undergarments like a t-shirt. In essence, it is the same rule as a sports bra. Officials just donít look at the foundational garments anymore.


5. Reports from Officers:

A.    Treasurer: Get your friends involved to keep costs down and ensure the future of WCCCA. Join the association. It is the cool thing to do.


6. WCCCA By Laws (possible action item to vote on)

A.    Awards. Language to be added about who will receive awards for the district and state coaching awards. We have always done it - but would like to add the official language. Motion made by Tim Gifford from Watertown, seconded by Jim Kerney from Marquette. We heard from Steve Lewis from Kettle Moraine about allowing athletes to be nominated even if their coach is not a WCCCA member. That was confirmed. Ron Blaha from Brookfield asked if a non member could be recognized but not receive a plaque. This brought up a great point and we realized we needed another vote. The vote was recognized passed. A question was asked were the bylaws were - it was decided they would be put on the website.

B.    District reps. At this point we have them but they are not in the by-laws. The first year the president picked the reps - but we need to move forward to an election process. Language to be added to include district reps serving a two year term. Even year districts would be up for election on even years and odd numbered districts on odd numbered years. Motion was made by Les Paul from Cedar Grove Belgium and seconded by Rich Raney of Muskego. Passed unanimously.

C.   President. Proposing to eliminate the president elect language and adding a two year term to the president. Tom Kaufman from Madison west.Karl from Brookfield seconded. Passed Unanimously.


7. Girls 5K

Survey results:

2010: 54% to 44% in favor of going to a girls 5K.

2011: 192 supported 4k 185 supported 5K.


Resurveyed was more in favor of staying with a 4K. Paige from Mukwonago has some handouts about the data behind this. Per President Matt Polzin - someday we will undoubtedly be running a girls 5K but at this time without the majority of the membership in favor of it we will not proceed with this. This does not mean we should stop talking about it but instead table it for a couple of years.


This past fall when the survey was sent we had 98-99% return rate. This was sent to the ADís with the directions for them to talk to the girls coach.


Denny McGraw moved to motion we table it for 3 years. Several seconds were shouted out.

A friendly amendment was made to two years. Several people voiced their concerns about the changes or the flip side. Kevin Fitzpatick from Lakeland was a pro for 4K. Both Denny and Kevin talked about the developmental stages. Pat asked for a research based (on Anatomy & Physiology) on what they difference that 1,000 extra meters make. A coach from Pachelli also argued that his girls are not at 5K materials - gave the example that at girls at college start at 4K and work their way up. Arnie Miehe from Darlington also echoed the same thoughts on developmental and stated that even in college the males run farther than the female. Statement that we are the last of 8 states that are still 4K (from Paige).


Back to the motion/amendment. Table it for 3 years/amendment - 2 years. The motion did not accept the friendly amendment. So we voted. Motion passed. It will be tabled for 3 years.


8. Sectional Alignments & Seeding - Ron K

If you have ideas or points to consider - please email. There is a state qualifying committee that has looked at the other states to see what they are doing.Marcy will send out a survey which will eventually go to coaches advisory and up the chain of command. More information coming.


Typically sectional sites are on a two year cycle. Marcy stated that very rarely do multiple districts offer to host in the same sectional area.


Final thoughts from the President - to always ask yourself to ask what is best for our sport.


9. Adjourn.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:04 PM.