November, 2003




President:                    Tom Scheller  , Racine St. Catherine’s H.S.

Vice-president:            Gary Krueger, Stanley-Boys H.S.

Secretary:                   Jack Drankoff, Green Bay Preble H.S.

Treasurer:                   Vince Lease, Fennimore H.S.


From the President:


There’s been much happening, and this newsletter is long, so prepare for a good reading!  I’m asking for information, consideration of possibly serving the association in a variety of way, reactions and voting choices at the end of your reading of this newsletter, so here we go!


It’s been another great CC season in Wisconsin in 2003.  Spirited competition for both team and individual honors in the regular season and state series marked the recently-completed season.  It’s part of the reward of coaching to see individuals rising to the challenge of replacing last year’s champions, teams realizing that their potential could mean a win or high placing in conference, sectional and state meets.  It’s also our job as professionals to console those whose performance fell below expectations and motivate those who need that done.  It’s a great job we hold!!


The look of the finishing area at the State Meet might have seemed odd to some, but it’s clearly a sign of progress.  Since the new timing system worked so well, it’s now time to turn our attention to the proposals to increase participation in the State Meet.  I checked with officials and coaches working the finish area both before and after the meet, and they all seemed impressed, so …


A number of proposals have surfaced.  Among the proposals of which I have been made aware, and the CC Advisory Committee has approved to be advanced to you for discussion, and vote, are as follows: (a) leave the system “as is”, (b) qualifying three teams from each sectional, and (c) adding 2 sectionals in each division.


There are those that favor each proposal to start, but keep in mind the following in discussing, analyzing, etc:

The current format results in team numbers of 16/14/14 in D1/D2/D3, along with 8/7/7 boxes for individuals in D1/D2/D3.  The # of runners in each race is 152/133/133.


            The 2nd proposal would result in team numbers of 24/21/21 along with the same 8/7/7 boxes for individuals.  The number of runners would be 208/182/182.  This proposal would not necessarily result in reassigning teams in each sectional.


            The 3rd proposal would result in team numbers of 20/18/18 along with 10/9/9 boxes for individuals.  The number of runners would be 190/171/171.  This proposal would necessarily mean reassigning teams in each sectional, which would result in fewer teams in each sectional and could result in less travel.



Now is the time to communicate your thoughts on this issue.  Please let me know what you think about these proposals.  We would need some form of consensus before WIAA will hear us.  My e-mail address is tschelle@stcatherines.k12.wi.us  The St. Catherine’s H.S. school address is 1200 Park Avenue, Racine, WI  53403.  The St. Catherine’s H.S. FAX number is (262) 632-5144.  Feel free to contact any of the other officers – there’s someone in each part of the state – or your district reps.  I will need WRITTEN evidence of your opinion, so make sure you furnish name, school, and whether you coach boys, girls or both.  Thanks!


Cross Country Advisory Committee:  In addition to the above discussion, another issue surfaced about which you should be aware.  Marcy Thurwachter brought up the possibility, surprising the committee, that we should consider the possibility of beginning the season on the Tuesday of the week before we start now.  The committee agreed that this proposal should be made to allow that possibility.  This proposal, along with other issues discussed, will be brought through the WIAA hierarchy for discussion, and possible implementation.  If you have strong feelings on this issue, Marcy suggested you contact members of the Sports Advisory Committee.  The next step would be the Advisory Council, and then the Board of Control.  More to follow in the near future.


Results/Rankings Thanks:  A huge THANK YOU to Ronn Blaha for his work on the WCCCA web page.  It’s a tremendous resource, but only as good as we make it.  Thanks to all the coaches who sent in results over the duration of the season, especially for invitational and conference meets.  We did an especially good job on this throughout August and September, and then slipped a little in October.  We’re getting a tremendous amount of hits on the site, and athletes are becoming more and more likely to check on results as well as we coaches.  Thanks, also, to those coaches who helped in ranking teams from throughout the state in their respective division.  Remember, the WCCCA web page address is www.wisconsinrunner/wccca/


State Meet:  Kudos to all schools that qualified teams and individuals for the State Meet.  On behalf of the WCCCA I would like to thank the community of Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln H.S. for another great event.  It obviously involves huge amounts of talent and time to put on a meet of this magnitude in such a splendid fashion.  I attended the award ceremony back at Lincoln H.S., even though I had no one qualify for the meet, and it certainly does provide a distinctly different type of excitement than awards on site.  A special thanks goes out to the officials, many of whom volunteer their skill and efforts.


State Champions:   Congratulations to the following schools and coaches for their state championships on November 1st:


            D1       Boys:               Stevens Point              Coach Donn Behnke

                        Girls:                Stevens Point              Coach Mike Olson


            D2       Boys:               Shorewood                  Coach Tim Kenney

                        Girls:                Pewaukee                   Coach John Kashian


            D3       Boys:               Boscobel                     Coach Greg Bell

                        Girls:                Brookwood                  Coach Dawn Powell


District Coaches of the Year:   Please complete the ballot found at the end of the newsletter.  Remember that State Champion coaches are NOT eligible for this award!  Make sure you are voting for coaches in your district – a list of schools in each district is found in WIAA Directory and is posted on the WIAA and WCCCA web pages.


District Runners of the Year:  Please vote for the outstanding boys and girls (whichever you coach, or both if you coach both) from your WIAA district.  Any runner is eligible.  Again, please vote only for a runner from your district.


Conference Champion Teams:  We have posted an incomplete list of conference championship teams on the web page.  I have taken the list from results posted on the web page and from information generated at the WCCCA meeting on October 31st.  PLEASE HELP US complete the list by contacting Tom Scheller or any of the officers listed above with the needed information.


Conference Reps:  We need to update our list of conference reps.  The latest list we have dates back to the 1998-99 season.  There were 10 reps listed who no longer are coaching, and one rep is from a school listed in the WIAA Directory as no longer sponsoring CC.  In addition, conference realignment has resulted in shifting of schools, new conferences created, etc.  Needless to say, we need you to CONFIRM if you are still the conference rep and/or VOLUNTEER if your conference needs a new rep!  Again, feel free to contact Tom Scheller or any of the officers listed above.


District Reps:  We should be electing district reps from districts 2, 4 & 6 for the 2004 season.  We did not elect reps from the odd-numbered districts at last year’s clinic, so should do those as well.  I am asking for anyone interested as serving as a district rep for the 2004 season to contact me before the clinic in January.


Sectional Sites:  WIAA is instituting a different process for schools to volunteer to host sectional meets.  They may also be looking for our opinion on “semi-permanent” sites.  Check with your A.D. about this process.  Please read over the recommendations on courses found in the WIAA Season Regulations booklet/State Association Recommendations section.  Determine if you are able to host, and encourage those coaches who host meets during the year that do a good job, especially with meets and sites that can handle the number of teams at a sectional meet, to take their turn volunteering to host this very important meet.  A HUGE thanks goes to the schools that host this meet, this year, in the past, and in the future.  The athletes benefit from our good work.


WCCCA Clinic:  The clinic staff has done a great job, once again, in setting up a clinic offering all of us a chance to learn more about our coaching profession.  It has always amazed me, after 30 years as a head coach, that there is ALWAYS something that I learn at the annual clinic.  The first clinic I attended featured Dan McClimon, others featured unbelievably cold weather, and I even spoke one year, but what happens at the clinic can’t be duplicated as a learning opportunity.  Please consider attending this year.  I’ve already registered myself.  The form to register is on the WCCCA web page, and was sent as a separate mailing.


Hall of Fame Ceremony:  The annual Hall of Fame luncheon induction ceremony will be held on Saturday, January 11th as part of the clinic.  We hope you can join us at the clinic and plan to stay for the ceremony.  Congratulations to our 2004 Hall of Fame class:


            Coach Scott Anderson (La Crosse Central H.S.)

            Coach Don Fritsch (Stevens Point Pacelli H.S. - now at UW-La Crosse)

            Coach Mike Mulrooney (Arrowhead H.S.)

            Coach John Wilkie (Phillips H.S.)


            Athlete Wayne Craig (Mukwonago H.S.)

            Athlete Lori Wolter (Sauk Prairie H.S.)


Hall of Fame Nominations:  Please send nominations in any of the three categories (coach/ honorary/ athlete) to any of the selection committee members.  Members include:  Bob Berry (Mayville H.S.), Rick Koceja (Burlington H.S.), Randy Marks (Verona H.S.), Arnie Miehe (Darlington H.S.), Tom Scheller (Racine St. Catherine’s H.S.), and Jim Vollmer (Campbellsport H.S.).   A nomination form is now posted on the WCCCA website, but feel free to use any form you choose to convey to the committee the excellence of your nominee.  The committee meets each summer to consider nominations.  Don’t assume we know of every deserving candidate, either past or present!


WCCCA Annual Meeting:  Please forward to Tom Scheller or any of the other officers any items you want addressed at our annual meeting at the clinic in January.  I try to run a very organized meeting, so would like to prepare as thorough an agenda as possible before the meeting.  If I get a good handle on the breadth of the agenda, we may be able to post it in early January on our web page.  Look for it!


Academic All-State Team:  Anyone with an individual qualified to participate in the State Meet who has a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale, or any team whose team GPA (top 5 of the 7 who ran at the state meet) is 3.4 or above should contact Arnie Miehe to get the Academic All-State recognition that they deserve.  Contact Arnie with the specifics at Darlington H.S., 11838 Center Hill Road, Darlington, WI  53530.  Congratulations to those to be honored!


All-State Teams:  Congratulations to the following athletes, their coaches and their schools for their excellent performances at the State Meet.  Individuals earn these honors by their finish times in the state meet.  Well done!  The appropriate awards will be available at the clinic in January.  Please check over spellings, so that the awards will be correct.


WCCCA All-State Team – Boys – 2003
1st Team
Chris Rombough (11) New London   Peter EmmerichArrowhead
Ryan Gasper (11) Fort Atkinson   Pad Judd (12) Grantsburg
Bryan Culver (12) Waukesha South   Matt McKenney (11) Brookfield East
Rider Clauss (12) Madison West   Scott Allen (11) Port Washington
Willy Kaul (12) Milwaukee Lutheran   Andrew Lacy (10) McFarland
Andy Shortslef (12) Janesville Craig   Chris Limbach (11) Marquette
Ryan Salamon (12) New Berlin Eisenhower   RJ Pire (12) Middleton
David Pede (10) Wisconsin Lutheran   Dom Meyer (12) Beloit
Nick Fulton (12) Arrowhead
2nd Team
Nick Hawley (12) Hortonville   Steve Markson (10) Whitefish Bay
Ryan Loshaw (12) Eau Claire Memorial   Ross MacDonald (12) Rhinelander
Mike Van Ess (12) Homestead   Jim Hein (12) Ripon
Joe Pierre (12) Notre Dame   Eric Lewandowski (11) Madison West
Kyle Johnson (10) Beloit   Brandon Belk (12) Mauston
Jesse Merkel (11) Menominee   Greg Haak (12) Belleville
Nathan Campbell (11) Sun Prairie   Malachi Cate (10) New London
Tyler Sigl (12) Seymour   Matt Barrett (11) Monroe
Nick Schaefer (10) New London   Luke Langhorst (12) Stevens Point
Honorable Mention
Tom Winkelman (12) Stevens Point   Eric Atkinson (12) Spooner
Shawn Kolano (12) Greenwood   Josh Monson (12) Westosha Central
Chris Morris (12) Baraboo   Brett Daffler (11) Frederic
Scott Mueller (12) Brookfield Central   Brandon Davis (12) Kenosha Tremper
Mike McFarland (10) Arrowhead   Jason Methfessel (11) Sheboygan North
Andy Han (11) Madison West   Nick Adams (12) Prentice
James Tesmer (12) DeForest   John Nowinski (12) Black River Falls
Adam Zamzow (12) Green Bay Preble
WCCCA All-State Team – Girls – 2003
1st Team
Trista Baye (11) Bay Port   Katie Bethke (9) Eau Claire Memorial
Kellie Schneider (10) Kenosha Tremper   Megan Duwell (11) West Bend West
Abbey O’Connell (11) Arrowhead   Abby Christian (11) La Crosse Central
Michelle Corrigan (11) Pulaski   Sherri Bissing (12) West De Pere
Alicia Pabich (11) Waukesha North   Katie Howery (12) DeForest
Kellyn Johnson (12) Hamilton   Emma Tauchman (11) Stevens Point
Andrea Sonnenschein (12) Berlin   Megan Johnson (11) River Falls
Jenny Stoll (12) Pewaukee   Megan Ziarek (12) Muskego
Amy Wike (12) Pewaukee
2nd Team
Molly Esche (12) Waukesha West   Kayla Zander (10) Waunakee
Jackie Oesterich (11) Merrill   Emily Post (12) Howards Grove
Meghan Lemke (11) Tomahawk   Rosa Alvarez (12) Watertown
Gera Polzin (9) Janesville Craig   Holly Nearman (12) Monroe
Carie Steil (11) Eau Claire Memorial   Laura Palmer (9) Pittsville
Katie Bartz (12) Watertown   Samantha Schiro (9) Racine Park
Ayla Mitchell (11) New Richmond   Kirsten Haack (9) Brookfield East
Mallory Peckels (12) Lakeland   Heidi Heberlein (12) Kiel
Angie Huebner (12) Green Bay Southwest
Honorable Mention
Brianne Charles (11) Green Bay Southwest   Kara Tauchman (11) Stevens Point
Sara McKinley (11) Dodgeland/Mineral Point   Autumn Dettmann (10) Watertown
Sarah Hurley (11) Appleton West   Melissa Manke (11) East Troy
Jessica Lamp (11) Westosha Central   Shanna Bodilly (12) Madison Memorial

































Complete all information and forward to TOM SCHELLER by DECEMBER 24, 2003!

 WCCCA Coaches Only

District Coach of the Year Ballot { State Champion coaches Not eligible for this award!}


Your Name & School:  

e-mail address (in case we must confirm your vote)

District:   1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7


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District Runner of the Year Ballot:  { all runners eligible}


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Boys Runner/School: 




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Complete all information and forward to TOM SCHELLER by DECEMBER 24, 2003!


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Ballot for Potential Change in Qualification Procedures for WIAA State Meet:


Your Name/School: 
e-mail address (in case we must confirm your vote)

Head Coach of:  Boys/ Girls/ Both


Type number of the proposal which you favor, as stated earlier in the newsletter, and give reasons:


- Option 1 = Leave the system “as is”

           Option 2 = Change to allow three (3) teams from each sectional

           Option 3 = Change to increase number of sectionals by two (2) in each division



WCCCA Coaches Only


Categories – based upon consistent excellence in their field

Coach - outstanding coaching qualifications
Athlete - outstanding high school runner
Honorary - outstanding contributor and supporter of Cross Country


My Name: ___________________________________ School: ______________________________

Home Address/City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________________ Work Phone: _______________________________


I submit the name of ___________________________________________ into consideration for inclusion into the WCCCA Hall of Fame. The reasons for this nomination are as follows: