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Wisconsin Runner

WRRT places 2nd in Shamrock Shuffle USATF Team Competition

(Chicago 3/20) Wisconsin Runner Racing Team was runner up to the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project in the USATF team competition of the Chicago Bank of Shamrock Shuffle 8K. 22,000+ participated in the event. WRRT finishers were: Tai Dinger (1st, 22:56), Matt Cooper (11th, 23:49), Aaron Easker (17th, 23:55), Matt Barrett (23rd, 24:01), John Dewitt (25th, 24:03), Joe Zack (34th, 24:20), Tyler Sigl (85th, 25:21), Brian Finnel (87th, 25:23), Zach Shoemaker-Allen (131st, 26:26). Place was determined by combined time for the top four team finishers (Hansons 1:32:46 - WRRT 1:33:34).
WRRT did not have a complete womens team. WRRT lady finishers: Sam Cooper (15th, 28:00), Hanna Christensen (18th, 28:23), Andie Shine (27th, 28:56).